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Rakesh Saini

Founder and CEO of
RS Design Associates

(Planner , Interior Desinger , Valuer)

Meet Rakesh Saini, the visionary founder and interior designer of RS Design Associates.

Who We Are

At RS Design Associates, we are more than architects and designers; we are creators of inspired spaces, storytellers of architecture, and curators of design excellence. Established with a passion for transforming spaces into captivating experiences, we bring a fresh perspective to the world of architecture and interiors.



At RS Design Associates, we follow a meticulous and collaborative approach to turn your vision into reality. Our design process is a journey that involves creativity, communication, and precision

Concept & Details

At RS Design Associates, we believe that every exceptional space begins with a compelling concept and is perfected through meticulous attention to detail. Our approach integrates innovative concepts with precise detailing to create truly distinctive designs.


Welcome to the heart of our creative expression – Interior Design. At RS Design Associates, we redefine spaces, infusing them with personality, functionality, and a touch of artistry. Our interior design services are tailored to elevate your living and working environments to new heights of aesthetic delight and practical comfort.


At RS Design Associates, we believe that every project begins with a spark of inspiration and flourishes through innovative ideas. Our design ethos revolves around pushing the boundaries of creativity to deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations.


At RS Design Associates, we embrace the challenge of perfection in every aspect of our work. Our commitment to excellence is not just a goal but a standard that guides every design, every detail, and every interaction. Discover the essence of perfection in design with RS Design Associates.

Team Members

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